Cascade Police Community Engagement Page: The Cascade Police Department recently started a community engagement page, which can be found at the following address: From this webpage, you can file a police report, request records, file a non-emergency police request and submit a tip to Crimestoppers. There will also be a crime map in place in the near future where you can see some of the activity that is taking place throughout the community. City Protect also allows citizens to register cameras. If you have a Ring doorbell or exterior cameras that capture activity, you can register them on their page, if you wish. If the Cascade Police Department has a call in or around your house, they will be notified that your camera may have caught information or images relating to the incident. They would then reach out to you and ask if you would give a copy of the footage. Registering a camera only documents its existence and you are not providing any footage or links to view from the registration page. For any further questions please reach out to Chief Jason Liermann at [email protected] or 920-838-4311. 


Dog Licenses Due Soon!

Dog licenses must be renewed by 3/31/22, any dogs renewed after that date will also need to pay a $10 late fee per dog. 

You are able to drop off all informationand payment to the Village Hall drop box, please include a self addressed stamepd envelope.

Karel will have in-person office hours to renew your dog license on Monday (3/28/22) 6pm-8pm, Tuesday (3/29/22) 10am-12pm, Wendesday (3/30/22) 10am-12pm. Please be sure to bring along a current rabies vaccination record.

Spayed/Neutered: $8 / dog
Unspayed/Unneutered: $15 / dog