Dates Missing from Newsletter Calendar: Hello! There are three dates that are missing from the quarterly calendar that was recently sent out. Sunday May 19th, the Cascade Fire Department will host the 3rd Annual Car Show.  Sunday June 2nd, the Cascade First Responders will be hosting an All You Can Eat Breakfast fundraiser.  Saturday June 15th, the Cascade Rec Club will be hosting the 3rd Annual Kickball Tournament. Please see the newsletter for more information on each of these events!  


Additional In-Person Property Tax Payment Dates

Due to the release of the tax bills being later than normal this year Karel will be adding additional in-person property tax payment times/days. She will be at the Cascade Village Hall today, December 27th from 9-12, along with tomorrow, December 28th and Friday, December 29th, from 9-12 am.

**Update: Karel has added Saturday, December 30th hours for in-person tax collection at the Cascade Village Hall from 9-12 in the morning. 

As a reminder taxes are accepted any time by mail or by using the drop box at Cascade Village Hall. Taxes can be paid by check only and should be made payable to: Village of Cascade. No change will be handled at the hall. If your escrow check is in excess of your tax bill, a refund will be mailed to the taxpayer within 10 days.