Yard Waste

  • Yard waste is collected at the curb from April-October every Monday of each month. Please make sure your bagged waste does not exceed 40lbs and that your brush cut ends are faced towards the road and piles no larger than 4'x4' for easy handling.
  • October until the first snow only bagged and loose leaves waste will be collected.
  • Loose leaves will be collected curbside. Please rake all leaves to the edge of the road for collection every Monday beginning the 1st Monday of October until snowfall.
  • The DPW will remove all branches that are 4" or less in diameter of a downed tree if not taken down by a contractor. If you are unsure if your brush or tree qualifies please call the hall, (920) 528-8642.
  • If your brush isn't picked up on a Monday, because of an unforeseen circumstance or weather, it will be collected at some point during that week.