Cascade Police Community Engagement Page: The Cascade Police Department recently started a community engagement page, which can be found at the following address: From this webpage, you can file a police report, request records, file a non-emergency police request and submit a tip to Crimestoppers. There will also be a crime map in place in the near future where you can see some of the activity that is taking place throughout the community. City Protect also allows citizens to register cameras. If you have a Ring doorbell or exterior cameras that capture activity, you can register them on their page, if you wish. If the Cascade Police Department has a call in or around your house, they will be notified that your camera may have caught information or images relating to the incident. They would then reach out to you and ask if you would give a copy of the footage. Registering a camera only documents its existence and you are not providing any footage or links to view from the registration page. For any further questions please reach out to Chief Jason Liermann at [email protected] or 920-838-4311. 


2024/2025 Hwy 28 Resurfacing/Cascade Bridge Project

Recently the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) held a meeting with local officials from Sheboygan County and village/townships along a 13.4 mile stretch of Hwy 28 to discuss an upcoming project to address pavement deterioration, outdated guardrails, and replacing the bridge over the North Branch of the Milwaukee River in Cascade. The project planning is at the very initial stages with many details to be figured out, but we wanted to give village residents an update on this upcoming project. 


  • The project will be done on a 13.4 mile stretch of Hwy 28 from the south Sheboygan County line to the Hwy 57 intersection in Waldo. 
  • Mill/overlay of the existing asphalt pavement
  • Beam guard replacements
  • Culvert repairs and replacements
  • Shoulder aggregate
  • Pavement markings 
  • Replacement of bridge over the North Branch of the Milwaukee River in Cascade
  • More details can be found on the project website:

The project is tentatively scheduled for 2025, with the possibility of advancing it to 2024 based on other project completions. 

Hwy 28 will be open to traffic during the majority of the project, as they will work on one side at a time with flaggers to direct traffic. The onlly time they will need to close Hwy 28 will be during the demolition and construction of the new bridge in Cascade. The DOT will be reaching out to local residents impacted by the construction over the coming months.

For more information or questions regarding this project please reach out to the below contacts:

Kimberly Slezak, P.E., Project Manager
WisDOT – Northeast Region
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone (920) 492-4131
Email: [email protected]

Robert Wagner, P.E., Project Supervisor
WisDOT – Northeast Region
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone (920) 445-9925
Email: [email protected]